League of... Furries?

I draw furries.  I also play video games.  I am what some may call a "nerd", and I happily celebrate the term.  Yay nerds!

I recently got the urge to draw my mascot character, Lizardbeth, as Jinx "The Loose Canon" from Riot Game's League of Legends.  I thought it an appropriate fit, given Liz's hyperactivity and colorful nature.  Plus, Jinx is just one of my favorite heroes in LoL, both in terms of design and gameplay.  What's not to love about a rocket launcher shaped like a shark? I mean come ON. 

Of course, having doing that, I got the itch to do a few more. I told my followers on FurAffinity "hey, if any of you want me to draw your character as a League of Legends champion, I'll totally do it."  I opened two slots initially, with the intent that if I got enough demand I'd open up a couple more spots later.

Well wouldn't you know it? There's a lot of furry LOL nerds. out there. :)

I'll likely continue to do these until interest dries up (whether it's mine, or potential buyers).  But I'm certainly enjoying them for now.  

* * * * *

One last note: during the month of December, I'll be doing a Patreon Advent Calender for all of my $2+ patron subscribers.  There will be one exclusive post per day from the 1st to the 25th, including anything from digital icons and backgrounds, secret doodles, printable greeting cards for friends and family, and more. And it won't be only Christmas-centric; there will be some Hanukah, Yule, as well as lots of general winter fun. As long as you set you're Patreon subscription to at least $2, you'll be able to see everything that gets posted all month.  

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-Lizzie B.

A Snake and his Harp

Another time lapse art video! Woot!

This was a commission I originally did as just a black-and-white line art, but which was later upgraded to full color upon request.  Humm, not sure what else to say about this one, other than that... uhh... naga-bodies are fun to draw? ;^_^

Sorry, I got nuthin.  Anyway, here's the full piece!

...and of course, the time-lapse video.

On a side note: My Patreon campaign has not only successfully completed it's first month, but quite a few folks have already received their $6+ goodie packs!  Extra-special thanks to @AntiUmbra, @Scigglicious@SilverSean85, and @The_Foxish for sending me pics! :D If you got a goodie pack and want to share it, tweet a photo to me at @LizardbethArt

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Until next time, friends!

-Lizzy B.

The Girl is Dangerous

No, I mean, really Mike. She's, like, SUPER dangerous.  Maybe you should get off her before she gets nippy? 

The Copic official twitter @CopicMarker is doing a month-long coloring contest event under the hashtag #CopicSummer. They've been releasing new line art for people to have fun with on a weekly basis.  I'm not normally one for coloring contests, but when I saw the line art for this one, well... how could I refuse? 

Wanna see how I did it? Here's the time lapse video of me coloring it from start to finish. The original footage was about an hour and a half long.

One final thought; today* would have been Michael's 56th birthday.  SHOULD have been.  

 Do something nice for someone this week, ok?  In spite of all the nasty rumors and false accusations thrown his way he always made time to give back.  He donated millions upon millions to children's charities and hospitals.  He was an inspiration, and the world is lacking without him.  Time for us to start picking up the slack.

If you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change  -Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror

-Lizzy B.

*It's just past midnight as I'm posting this, so technically it was yesterday (August 29th).

D20 Comics - It's about DAMN time.


Yes, it's been a long, LONG time since I did these.  Yes, I should have posted them ages ago.  But y'all don't want me to waste your valuable time making excuses (mostly involving 7 months with my life in boxes in my mother's garage), so I'm just gonna let you have 'em.  Enjoy! :)

There is a small chance that I MAY have missed one or two, and given the length of time since I started these.  If I owe you one and you don't see it above, please e-mail me and I'll be happy to correct it.

One at a time from now on. And never, EVER right before a move.  Lesson learned. ;^_^

-Lizzy B.

B-Team : Doin' the WORK

YouTube is by far my biggest source of video entertainment.  Of the YouTubers that I subscribe to and enjoy, "Let's Play"ers BDoubleO100 and GenerikB are among my favorites.

Earlier today, the two of them jumped onto a public "MafiaCraft" server (basically a Mindcraft city map kitted out with mods to work like GTA) and did an open call for anyone who wanted to join them to hop on the server and play with them.  I say "with them" losely, as the B-Team ended up getting swarmed by angry children trying to punch them and steal all their things, forcing Genny & Bdubs to put them down.

Needless to say, the stream was hilarious and I actually did run across them once or twice in game, which was pretty neat!  After they ended it for the day, I got the itch to do a bit of fan art for them, and ended up with this.  Even if you don't watch either of these guys already (which you SHOULD), hopefully you'll at least be amused by the art  ^_^

Hopefully this'll make up for the fact that I shot and killed both of them with a rocket launcher.  ....but SHH, don't tell them I did that.  That's just between me and you guys.

Totally flim-flammed 'em. ;) hehehe

-Lizzy B.