Together We Are Strong (Overwatch Quasi-Fan Art)

I've been pretty excited for Blizzard's new game "Overwatched" since it was announced.  A week ago though, my anticipation boner got an extra special little tickle when they announced 2 new characters; one of which was the super badass Russian weightlifter Zarya, sporting bright pink hair and rocking some massive guns... and I don't just mean her Particle Cannon.  This woman looks ready to kick some serious ass. AND she has a hot Russian accent. How can you NOT love this lady? (Well, unless you're That Guy on Twitter. We don't talk about that guy.)

Speaking of Twitter though, @ALIENwolve got me inspired to do a Sunny/Zarya piece, with Sunny dressed as the uber-buff Russian badass.  And honestly, I couldn't NOT do it.  I felt compelled.  Nay, obligated.  

I did this for you, dear internet.  Because Reasons.

Do you even LIFT, bro?

Do you even LIFT, bro?

You're welcome.

-Lizzy B.


"Broken Plot Device? Is that still a thing?"

It was. And it is now. Again. 

HOLY CRAP guys I totally told you I was gonna bring it back and you all were like whaaaaa Liz I don't believe you because you're a huge derp and I'm like yes I know I am I fully embrace my derpitude but that's absolutely not the point because BROKEN PLOT DEVICE IS BACK!

Read the entire 25 page story AND download a free PDF on my Comics Page.  This is where any and all future comics will be posted from now on.

Please let me know what you think!  I feel a bit rusty with this whole "comics" thing, so your feedback would be really appreciated.  

I did it, guys.  Woo!

-Lizzy B.

I don't even know anymore.


Oh, sweet internet. Yesterday you lost your damn mind.

First it was a couple of Llamas running loose in Arizona that apparently warranted coverage like it was a high speed chase.  Then it was a crappy cellphone photo of a dress that is CLEARLY BLUE AND BLACK but some people saw as white and gold.  Friendships and families were torn apart in the heated debate.

Oh, and the FCC did some sort of Net Neutrality thing too. I guess that happened.

But seriously, everybody. Relax.  It's times like these that we need to see past color.  Sometimes we need to just let the llamas run free. Hold hands and sing happy songs and for god sakes stop freaking out already.

Yesterday can pretty much be summed up thusly:

  • Eyeballs are weird, and can not be trusted.
  • Escaped Llamas are not a sign of the Alpacalypse.
  • The internet has weird priorities.

I love you guys, but sometimes I worry about you.

-Lizzy B.

Up for Sale: One-of-a-Kind Painted Nintendo DS Case by "Miss Monster"!

Back in 2009, I commissioned the amazing Melita Curphy, aka "Miss Monster", to paint a Nintendo DS case for me.  I had just bought my DS and a blank black case a few months before, and when I ran into her at Anthrocon that summer I knew I had to ask now or lose the chance.  She did an AMAZING job putting her Tentatiger original creature on the front & back of the case, and I have gotten SO many comments about it over the years!  I really can't thank her enough to doing this for me.

Unfortunately, I've come to the point now where I've got no choice but to let it go.  I haven't touched my DS in years (apart from recently making sure it still works, which it does), and I also find myself with some less-than-forgiving debts to pay.  I really hate to part with it, but I think it would be much better off in the hands of someone who will use it and enjoy it, than for it to sit in my drawer.  

This really is one-of-a-kind; Mel doesn't really do commissions anymore, and the Tentatiger is an older creature of hers that I don't believe she's done anything new with for a number of years (though correct me if I'm wrong).  I imagine many fans and collectors of MissMonster's work would be interested in it for that alone.   Considering this was handled and used for years, it's in excellent condition; the only thing that shows any wear is her signature in the bottom left of the back case piece (a simple "MEL09!"), and even that is still readable.

I'm also adding in a few old Nintendo DS games.  Unfortunately, I don't have cases for all of them, just the two pictured.  They will be wrapped and packaged securely though, to whomever decides to buy the set.

I would like to sell everything shown above as a full set.  I will be willing to break things up and sell items piecemeal ONLY if whoever wants the Tentatiger case doesn't want the rest.  That is the prime item; If you would like only the case, you're welcome to buy just the case.  However, if you want only the games (or one or two of them), I want to wait and make sure that whomever ends up purchasing the Tentatiger case doesn't want the entire set.

If you're interested, please e-mail me at  I'm hoping to get at least $250 for everything together, but feel free to make me an offer with whatever you feel is appropriate.  If I get multiple offers, it'll go to the highest one.  I'll keep offers open until the 24th, and let the highest offer know then.  Serious offers only; only make an offer if you are able to pay the full amount + shipping by the 26th. 

Thanks, guys. ^_^ Sorry today's post was essentially a quasi-yard sale post, but it's going to a good cause.  Namely keeping me fed so I can work on... well... other things.  Yes yes.


-Lizzy B.

Holiday Gift Guide : For the Artist, Nerd & Creative Person in YOUR Life!

Greetings, peeps! :D

It's that time of year again! The time where many of us brave the overcrowded and tacky-holiday-music-filled malls (or, if you're like me, sit snug as a bug at home mindlessly clicking through Amazon) in search of the perfect gift for our friends, family members, roommates, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, and maybe even your dog.  You know, if you're one of THOSE weirdos.

I know sometimes that us nerds & creative types can be hard to shop for.  So if you're struggling to find just the right gift for that special weirdo in YOUR life, here's a few things I'd recommend to almost anyone.  The best part? Everything on the list can be had for $30 or less!

OH, and before you ask: I'm getting absolutely NOTHING for pimping any of these items.  None of them sponsor me, and I never asked for kickbacks.  Honestly, they're all either items I already own & would recommend, or things I would be head over heals to get myself (not that I'm hinting or anything. ;^_^)

Stripped: A Revealing Look At the World's Greatest Comic Strips 

"Stripped" is a documentary, and quite literally a love letter to the history and process of comics.  It was put together by Frederick Schroeder and David Kellett and funded entirely through Kickstarter (which I'm happy to say I helped contribute to, yay!)  They have interviews with TONS of comic creators, from Jim Davis (Garfield), Cathy Guisewite (Cathy), Mort Walker (Beetle Bailey), Mike & Jerry (Penny Arcade), Matt Inman (The Oatmeal) and MORE, and even includes a rare, first-time-ever audio interview with "Calvin & Hobbs" creator Bill Watterson.  It discusses the history of the comic strip, explores the process of creating comics in a variety of mediums and styles, and postulates about the future of the medium as we move into an internet-savy, post-newspaper age.

I'm not kidding when I say, if your perspective gift recipient reads comics, makes comics, LOVES comics, you owe it to them to get them this documentary.

Recommended for anyone in your life who reads comic, has a nostalgic love for comic strips, and/or makes them for a living.

Where to Buy: (recommended)  *  Amazon  *  iTunes

* * * * * * * * * *

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures

My own D&D character! Hero Forge sadly doesn't have non-human races like werewolves or (in my case) dragonborn yet, but they've said they hope to expand possibilities in the future.

My own D&D character! Hero Forge sadly doesn't have non-human races like werewolves or (in my case) dragonborn yet, but they've said they hope to expand possibilities in the future.

If you run in nerdy circles, chances are you know someone who plays some miniature-based tabletop roleplaying game. Dungeons & Dragons is the most well-known of it's ilk, but there are SO many more that it would be pointless to list here (a quick glance at Wikipedia proves this.)  But if your targeted gift-receiver collects, builds, paints, and plays with such models, than they might be interested in Hero Forge's Custom Miniatures.

Their website allows you to create your miniature (which as of now is limited to humans & humanoid races like elves, dwarves, androids, etc), complete with costume pieces & props.  You then have a selection of options for your hard-copy model, from the inexpensive low-detail but durable, higher resolution & paint friendly, to even larger 3" and 6" statuettes.  The models are then 3D printed and shipped right to you in 2-4 weeks.  Pretty neat!

The turn-around time for these, on top of the unique customizable nature, may make these seem like not a great option for christmas.  But trust me when I say that half the fun in these is choosing just the right pose and parts for your custom model.  Give your giftee an IOU for one of these and they'll be just as happy!

Recommended for roleplayers & tabletop gamers of any variety.

Where to Buy: HeroForge.Com

* * * * * * * * * *

"Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" by Andrew Loomis

This book is considered by many to be THE definitive book on figure drawing. It was originally published in 1943 and had been out of print for many years until Titan books finally put it back into print in 2011.  Before then, it would regularly go for 3 digit prices on eBay.  Yes, artists wanted it THAT much.

I own the book in hard-copy. It's a nice, hefty 3lbs and is chock full of information and sample drawings, including anatomical studies - both full figure and broken into parts - with labeled drawings of muscles and skeletal structures for both male and female models.  Loomis's drawings are not only detailed and informative, but beautiful, rendered expertly in pencil and charcoal.  In my personal opinion, any serious artist should have this book on their shelves.  If your artist doesn't, it is your sacred duty to rectify this.   And remember: if you REALLY want to make an impression (and have the funds to burn), keep an eye out for an original printing.

Recommended for painters, illustrators, and figure-focused artists with an appreciation for the classics 

Where to Buy: Amazon  *  Barnes & Noble

* * * * * * * * * *

Jet Gift Card

All hail the mighty gift card! Fits in a card, ships super easy, and guarantees your recipient will wind up with something they'll like. Win-win!

My favorite online store for pens & pencils is JetPens.  They specialize in writing pens, pencils, dip inks, cases & bags, and a variety of office supplies from Japan.  I buy my favorite inking pen from these guys, and have made many purchases from them over the years.  Their shipping is super quick, AND is totally free as long as you spend at least $25.

If you're not sure what kind of drawing or writing implement your giftee likes, you can snag a $25 electronic gift card.  There's a TON of stuff here, so there's no way they won't find something they like.  

Recommended for illustrators, cartoonists, and writers who love working with real materials. Computers are SO overrated!

Where to Buy:

* * * * * * * * * *

One last thing before I go: If you enjoy my work & want to give one of my shirts or books as a gift, please consider checking out my store.  There's not much time left before the holidays are over, so if you want to give something of mine as a gift, don't wait too long!  Hey, I've got my own gifts to buy. ;)

Happy holidays, folks! Drink responsibly.

-Lizzy B.