Liz likes to do a lot of things: write, draw comics, make art, play videogames, explore, try new food, see new things, and see the world.  This is where she shares things she likes, makes you laugh, and brings a little weirdness to your day.

Collie Kali

I draw a LOT of furries. I have a fascination with multi-armed Hindu Gods. And I'm a sucker for puns.  Honestly, it was inevitable that I would do something like this inevitably. 

13x19 poster prints will be available for purchase very soon.  The prints will be a limited run of 50, and once they're sold out I won't be printing more.  Keep an eye here on my blog at and I will let you know when they're available!


Until next time....

-Lizzy B.

Attack of the IGUANAGA (poster)

Coming soon to a metropolis near you...

I was inspired by the FurAffinity United convention's "Kaiju" theme this year to create this monster movie poster, featuring Lizardbeth transformed* into a giant 4-armed Naga monster.  The Statue of Liberty is just one of those classic monster/disaster movie tropes, so I had to play tribute to that. This was a Godzilla-sized amount of fun to do!

I'm hoping to have a limited number of 13x19 poster prints of this one for sale at Anthrocon and FA-U this summer.  If you want one, stop by my table and snag one before they disappear back into the watery depths from whence they came!

-Lizzy B.


* possibly from week-old coffee whose molecules went nuclear in the microwave.  Hooray for pseudo-science!

Monday Art Dump!

You know I haven't posted art in a while when, upon finally doing so, it's 4 months worth of stuff.

Take a gander at everything I've been working on commission-wise (or at least the stuff I've managed to finish).  Of note is the fact that all of the real media stuff, unfortunately, was taken with the camera on my cell phone because I am a horrible person with a lack of forsight and did not think that perhaps packing my scanner under all of my things in the garage was a bad idea.  In my defense, I really did think I'd be in my own apartment by now, but that's another story...

Oh, right! I went to FWA in Atlanta a couple months back! I did even more art for people there!  Here's just a few of them that, once again, were photographed on my phone.


On the topic of conventions, If you're curious, my up-and-coming convention schedule includes Anthrocon in Pittsburgh July 3rd-6th, and FA-United in Whippany, NJ August 15th-17th.  I don't have a set table for the later, so I'll most likely be wandering around and possibly camping out in their Artist Alley for a day or two.  On one hand it'll make me harder to find, but it's a smaller con so there won't be many places for me to find.  But if you're going to Pittsburgh, I'll be at my dealer's den table all weekend!  I'll probably make another post as the con draws nearer...

And yes, I'm still plugging away at the BPD reboot.  I'm hoping to have it done by Anthrocon, but I don't want to make any promises, especially given my volatile living situation.  But keep an eye on this site; you guys will be the first to know.

Until next time, my lovelies!

-Lizzy B.

Commissions & Moving ("wtf's going on with that!?")

I'm open for commissions! Completion may be a bit slow to start, though if you're willing to wait until after my move I will be streaming as many of them as I can! Info is here: Ordering something from me now would be a HUGE help for my up-and-coming (when it eventually does happen) move! I know some of you lucky folks got tax returns. ;D hahahaha I never get those...

If you have an outstanding commission with me, Im working to finish them as quickly as I can. Between back-and-forth drives from South Jersey to North Jersey and house hunting I haven't had a TON of work time, so it's been slow and a bit chaotic. ;^_^ E-mail me for updates if you want! It may take me a bit to reply, and if so I don't mind you repeatedly bugging me. The house hunting is sucking up all my mental energy so I don't mind checking in to make sure my scatterbrain hasn't just forgotten to let you know your art has been done for a week.

Speaking of moving... A lot of people seem confused about what's happening with me and moving, where I'm going, etc. Long story short, we gave up on moving to NYC for now after literally 4 months of phone calls being ignored or, if we do get someone, being told the 2 day old listing has already been taken. We've been looking instead in North Jersey for the last month, and have been staying with some friends periodically while we look (we still go back "home" once a week for a couple days to take care of general things), but there's still been a lot of unreturned calls and miscommunication with landlords (for example, driving an hour to view one apartment only to show up and have them tell us THEN that they won't rent to couples. That was a fun day.) It's been a long, stressful process, but we are HOPEFULLY on the home stretch...? I don't know.

I've been treading water for a long time art-wise because it feels like a move is right around the corner, and spend so much time hunting that nothing else is getting done... or at least, it gets done very slowly. Not a good thing, when that hunt goes months on end. I'm doing my best, but there's only so much you can do when it seems like people just don't want your money. ;^_^

So TL:DR - Commissions are open, though with the everlasting apartment hunting completion may be slow. I appreciate the SHIT out of all your patience with me! Once this is all over, I'm gonna have a serious flood of art coming, both stuff I've finished in the last few months AND hopefully a ton of new things. (btw, did I mention I'm open for commissions? ;^_^)

Until next time...

-Lizzy B.