Thank you for purchasing a Holiday Surprise artist's greeting card! :D

Below is a survey for you to fill out with all of the relevant information.  Please fill the survey out promptly; I can't guarantee cards will arrive before the 25th for any surveys received after Dec. 12th!  

If you have any questions once you've filled out your survey, please e-mail me at!

Important Info
Your Name! *
Your Name!
Card recipient's name (if you're getting the card as a gift for someone else)
Card recipient's name (if you're getting the card as a gift for someone else)
Have me write a custom message inside your card! I can also write something for you if you want, or it can be left blank.
May I post your card's art online when it's done? *
The Good Stuff!
Most here are optional, but the more you fill out, the more it'll help me create an art surprise you'll love!
Do you want this card themed for Christmas? *
* Example : "Elephants, Birds, and Corgis"
* Example: "Purple, Teal, Lime Green, and Silver"
* Example: "Roses, Hot Chocolate, Dr Who, Steampunk, and Going to raves"
If you have one & want it included, include a link to your best reference hosted online.
What kind of mood would you like? *
Almost Done!
Any additional information or requests that didn't fit anywhere else! Remember, the art is a surprise so you can't use this space to make specific art requests, but if you have anything else you need, write it below. Examples: "put the card & unsealed envelope in a larger envelope so I can hand it off in person", "My PayPal payment is coming from (different e-mail address/name than what's on the form)", etc