Commissions are charged by the work hour. This includes thumbnail/planning sketches, and any revisions requested along the way. For simplicity, final hourly rates are calculated by rounded up to nearest 15 minute mark.

Every commission price has a flat minimum down payment that must be paid in full before work begins. Hourly rates kick in after the minimum amount is reached. 


  • Private Non-commercial, or Non-Profit: $40/hour
  • Commercial/Retail : $60/hour

TYPES & MINIMUM PRICES (Private/Commercial)

  • Pencil sketches - $20/$30
  • B&W lineart - $40/$60
  • Full Color (digital OR real media) - $100/$150

Check my gallery for art samples and examples if you want a better idea for the types of styles I work in & the kind of results you can expect.  If you want your commission to look a certain way, simply refer to a sample image in my gallery as an example.

How It Will Work
Say you want a Black & white inked lineart commission. It's a private commission, meaning you are just ordering it for yourself and not using it for-profit in any way (like, for example, putting it on t-shirts for sale). First, e-mail me to make sure I'm open for commissions, and let me know specifically what you want (having a set idea up front saves you time AND money!)

After I accept your commission, you would send your minimum payment - which, for the example of B&W, is $40 - to me via PayPal. Once I receive your payment, I'll get started. I will keep a timer by either recording offline (which may or may not be turned into time lapse videos for my YouTube channel) or streaming to Picarto.

For this example, let's say it took me 2 hours to draw your commission. At my hourly rate of $40, your total cost would be $80. Since you already paid me $40 of that up front, your remaining balance would be $40. Once I'm done, I will send you a small thumbnail image file of your finished commission to let you know it's done, and ask for that final payment. Once you send that to me, I will send you the final image (either by e-mail in a large 300dpi image file, or by mail, though with the second option there may be additional shipping charges).

A few additional notes:

You will NOT be discounted if your commission takes less time than the minimum (for example, a full color commission taking less than 2 1/2 hours will still cost $100). This minimum is also NOT refundable, so make sure you're ready and able to begin a commission before contacting me.

VERY important: Let me know up front if you have a set budget you absolutely CAN NOT GO OVER. Ex: "I want a full color but I can't pay you more than $120!" This way, you're not stuck with a very beautiful piece that took me many hours to do but for which you can't pay for. In the event that you don't give me a max budget but your final payment is still higher than you can pay in one go, I am open to doing payment plans; just know that you will receive your finished art only after your balance is paid in full.

If you ask for an estimate as to how long your commission will take (for the purpose of pricing), keep in mind that I will be making a VERY loose guess. I will also likely be overestimating how long I think it will take based on the information you provide, since I feel it's better to assume your cost will be higher and pay less, than think your price will be lower and pay more. 

If you're interested in packaged content (for example, an icon, banner, and splash art graphics for your YouTube channel, or a book cover & promotional poster for a single project), it is easiest to order all at once, as it will be treated as one all-inclusive commission.  Each individual item will not incur a minimum charge if they are for one single project.  If you're not sure if this would apply to you, just ask!

Lastly, con badges are not included in this pricing scheme, and are priced per size : $30 for 3"x4" portrait badges, and $50 for a large 4"x6" waist-up badge. Prices apply to real media OR digital. If I am attending a convention you are also going to, you can ask to pick up your badge from me at my con table.

Commission Inquiries can be sent to