Emergency Commission-A-Thon!

I've been resisting doing this, but present circumstances have made this necessary...


For those who may have missed out on the last time I did this, or may need a refresher, the idea of a Commission-A-Thon is that I will be delivering artwork to any and all people who contribute to my Emergency Fund, the specific type of art to be determined by how much is sent.  There are different tier levels, each with it's own reward, and it is up to you to choose how much you would like to contribute.  Basically, if you're familiar with TV or radio telethons, you've got the general idea.

"Why are you doing a Commission-A-Thon? "

Many of you may know the last year had been rough on me.  While I've been working to get back on track and keep myself a-float, within the last few months a combination of things (namely my part-time job cutting my hours in half, combined with the lower-than-usual commission numbers & making some attempt to split that art time with long-term, not-immediately-profitable projects like comics) has put me in a very tight situation.  

Primarily though, it's because I was informed 2 days ago that I have until Nov. 15th.  My housemate, whom I an currently renting 2 rooms from, will be moving out on that date and I won't be able to stay. While I was planning on moving as soon as I could, I didn't anticipate not being able to stay a little longer in case I wasn't able to find a new apartment in NYC.  So this means I need not only my final rent for my current apartment, but starting on a new place (1st, last, & security, and possibly even extra fees) within a week.  And that's not including moving expenses like renting a truck.

So, in a nutshell, if I want to continue to have a roof over my head, I need to be able to raise a fairly large chunk of money in a short time.


    Simply send me a payment via PayPal, addressed to LizardbethArt@gmail.com.  During check-out, there will be a comment box where you can write in which reward tier you would like.  You can either include a link to any reference images & materials you may have in that box, or send it to me in a separate e-mail (just make sure to include the name on your PayPal account in any additional e-mails so I know to match it with your payment!)  

    I will be broadcasting live HERE during the entire commission-a-thon every day until my goal is reached, starting at 11am EST, so you can even come and watch me draw your piece for you. All artwork will be done 100% digitally, and in the end you will receive the high-resolution (300dpi) image sent to you via e-mail (I'll use your PayPal address by default, unless you specifically request that I use another one.)

            REWARD TIERS

            • $5-$29 - Animated 100x100 cell-shaded icon 
            • $30-$54 - 3"x4" Cell-shaded portrait badge
            • $55-$74 - 4"x6" Cell-shaded waist-up badge
            • $75-$99 - 8.5"x11" Full Body Digital Sketch
            • $100-$149 - 8.5"x11" Full Body with Flat Colors
            • $150-$199 - 8.5"x11" Full Body with Cell Shading
            • $200+ - Full Body with Painterly Colors

            Q: Can you mail my commission to me? 

            Once the commission-a-thon is all over, if you wish to you may pay $6US/$8CA/$15Overseas and I will be happy to send a printed version of your commission to you.

            Q: Can I get a Real-Media (non-digital) commission?

            Yes, but it will not be part of the commission-a-thon.  Real Media prices are listed  HERE; they may take longer to deliver, but you are welcome to order one if you would like that option. :)

            Q: Can I get more than 1 thing?

            Absolutely! I would prefer payments for multiple items be sent separately in this case; however, if this is extremely inconvenient for you (for example, you want 5 icons), sending one payment is OK so long as, when divided, it meets the minumum for each tier you're requesting. (So, in the case of 5 icons, you'd need to send at least $25)

              Q: Why don't you list one set price? Why are they ranges? 

              Because my goal is to raise emergency funds, the hope is that those who wish to support me & help out can choose to pay any amount within each bracket for their commission.  You may pay the minimum amount, or you can choose to pay a bit more if you wish. I like to think of it as a tip; if you feel I deserve a little bit extra, than I would greatly appreciate it!

              Q: Will my art be delivered in time for Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus/Yak Shaving Day? I would like to get a gift for someone!

              YES! Just make sure you let me know what holiday you want it by, and I will make sure it's finished and sent to you in time.

              Q: I have another question... 

              Please answer it in the comments below. Just click the tiny little speech bubble in the group of icons in the lower left corner! 


              Here's just a few of the pieces I've done for happy Commission-A-Thon customers...