This will be the Main Page so the Blog isn't the main landing site.  Will Design Later.....


  • Fun Splash Art!
  • Patreon Info & link - Campaign for Comic PDF posts (store in it's own blog)
  • Post Schedule
  • A graphic with my E-mail Address (to get rid of the "Contact" page
  • Most recent twitter post
  • Featured Product (have random sales; change weekly?)

POST SCHEDULE (in undecided order)

  • 1 weekly Blog Post (news, new products, etc journal)
  • Art Videos (speed draw or tutorial)
  • "ETC" - Review/recommendation, Weird Thing I Found, Call for Action (questions/comments/polls)
  • Gaming Video ("Let's Play")
  • "Art Dump" (sketches and/or finished art)


  • YouTube - square logos for LizardbethArt, LizardbethGames, IguanaGirlStudios (matching) + Channel Art (2560x1440 full, though only center 1/4 strip matters) + Video bumper art 
  • Headers for pages - Blog, Art, Commissions, Store, About, Comics, Mix!
  • filler graphics (as needed)
  • "E-mail me" Web address graphic
  • Patreon Sidebar link for Comic Blog page
  • ADS: Placeholders for my site, Ads for other pages


  • Patreon campaign for BPD (separate blog for BPD comic PDF posts, allow for Patreon payment with each post) - Post 2 weeks prior to comic release
  • Private calendar with planning posts/campaigns/comics around holidays/cons
  • Brainstorm new Mix! sets (18 cards split into 2 sets, either 2x9 or 1x12 & 1x6) -Lassi, "Bugs", Video Game inspired
  • DONE! Add "submit your Mix! ideas" form to the Mix! page


*site page flow: find a place for Mix! to link, plus Streaming page (& corresponding YouTube page)