Where else can you get Cool Stuff?

Here are some of the other places where you can purchase my creations, or support future work through one-time or monthly tips/patronage.  


My Primary Print and POD (print-on-demand) product store.  I mostly have wall art here, much of which is ready-to-hang, but occasionally there will be other products featuring my work.


This shop features Pay-What-You-Want downloadable content, including (but not limited to) comics, sketchbooks, and coloring page packs. 


A monthly subscription service where you can opt-in and pay what you want per month, and get some exclusive behind-the-scenes goodies for it.  Tiers & Thank You Rewards range from $1 to $20 a month.


A special Tip Jar where you can "buy me a coffee" with $3 increment tips. 100% optional, 1,000% appreciated!