My Tiny House


A few sentences explaining what a Tiny House is and what I am planning to do.

Plan (detailed)

Explain what I intend to do, how I'm hoping to accomplish it, and what I hope to do with the tiny house once it is completed


Images & videos from around the web that show the kind of thing I'm aiming for, plus sketches/floor plans/models I've created.

In this video, we toured Anita's Eco-Friendly tiny house in Portland, Oregon. The Lilypad features two lofts and FIVE rooms in less than 250 square feet! The innovative curved roof allows five foot tall Anita to stand on both levels. We were blown away with the Lilypad's eclectic decor and multiple eco-features.

Ms Gypsy Soul, another 2 loft design like the Lilypad above. Lots of pictures!

Interview with Jay Shafer, who's credited with pioneering the Tiny House movement

CTV Atlantic News about a couple living tiny

If you want to see more, I have a whole Pinterest board full of tiny homes and related goodies, which you can check out here:

Why am I doing this?

Explain why I'm building a tiny house, and list all of the benefits of it to me and my intended lifestyle

Expected Challenges

List challenges and potential road blocks I expect to encounter.  This is to let people know I'm considering these things and not just rushing head-first into a project without thinking or planning AND to open up the door to let people know "hey, if you KNOW how I can solve this problem, let me know."


Donate Money (GoFundMe)

Around the point when I move to Michigan, create a GoFundMe page.  est funding goal is $30,000 at the moment, with the intent being I will be acquiring as much free/used items as I can on craigslist and from barter/donations. Keep every receipt and an accurate tally of expenses, and if any GoFundMe money is left over at the end, donate it to charity (habitat for humanity?)

Donate/Barter Items (List)

Keep a running list of any items I am actively on the look out for, as well as any items I would be willing to barter in trade (if the lists get too long, I may need to have that on a separate page)  Top priority: Heavy Duty truck with tow package that can handle towing 10-12K lbs  (ideally involving a trade for my Chevy Aveo)

Request for Non-Material assistance

Location for parking while building, borrowing any necessary tools, and of course the obvious assistance in labor.  Plus any other offers of assistance anyone could think of.


Misc (private list?)

  • Once the house is finished, this page can become a general "About my House" FAQ page with links to key blog posts showing it's construction, photos, and a tour video.
  • Document the build with photos & videos, make a weekly update to YouTube (cross posted here).
  • Keep an art/comic journal of the build as well, and keep it going into the 1st year of living with the intent to publish a book at some point.  Half journal with accompanying art, half comic book (or some other percentage).   Should be a good mix of story/anecdotal and advice/tips, but never go so far as to be overtly instructional.  Should have mini projects/ideas to benefit Tiny Housers, but be amusing/interesting for even people who have never lived in one and never intend to.